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Natural Way horse food has been used for more than a decade. It found its origin in the philosophy of feeding wheat bran added with herbs and natural vitamins. The result is an easy to use pressed pellet, all-in-one food mix that is called Basic food Natural -Way.

The main ingredient is wheat bran in different kinds of mixtures. The underlying philosophy is that wheat bran ( if you use the right one!) is easy on the digestive system, kidneys etc.

The main ingredient is complemented with other ingredients such as organic herbs and vitamins. Our mixtures are unique, and are used for curing several digestive problems. Using Basic food Natural -Way will also prevent these problems.

This food is been sold as Natural Way Basic food Green and Yellow. We also can provide customized treatment for your horse.

We are assisted by 3 therapist with their own speciality in diagnostic and treatment of acute-and chronicle problems with your horse. Many problems can be solved by manual treatment and good advice concerning the digestion problems. The therapists also have a lot of experience in grass and hay production and fertilisation. Wrong fertilisation such as too much nitrogen, to many heavy metals, wrong pH, etc is the source of most problems. In addition they can recommend special oils which will help your horse to overcome muscle and acute digestive (colic) problems. More information : contactformulier

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We also sell different kind of care-products like "DARM-FLOW" (gut-flow) used for colic and other digestion problems.

This product is according to our recipe produced by Eurital. Germany.

Ties Company is the producer of many care products.

If You want to know more about their products, feel free to visit their website.